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"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going." 

-- Earl


The Success Formula

         A  +  S  +  K  +  Goals  =  PBC     IR



Dynamic Outcomes’ processes achieve Improved Results for both the organization (Business) and the individual (Person).


To obtain improved results, there must be some kind of change in the input to those results. Since the people in an organization most closely affect its performance, we must bring about a Positive Behavior Change in them.

   Goals  =  PBC    IR

Just as an organization needs a strategic plan to realize its vision, individuals set Goals as a means to change behavior and successfully accomplish improvement activities.

Goals  =  PBC    IR

Obviously, individuals must have the Skills (i.e. the "how to do it") and Knowledge (i.e. the "what to do" and "when to do it") in order to perform the proper functions needed to achieve their goals.

A  +  S  +  K  +  Goals  =  PBC    IR

Studies indicate that 88% of a person’s reactions to everyday stimuli are performed at the subconscious level. This is Attitude, based on one’s values and beliefs, and is a product of previous conditioning. Over 75% of attitudes are negative and formed before we were five years old. This negativity must be downplayed and replaced with positive thoughts and behavior if the individual and organization are to achieve improved results and success

It is a given that change is a part of life. But, when you control that change with applied knowledge, skill, positive attitude and successful goal setting, your organization will be in the driver’s seat to achieve its mission. With over 20 years in practice and development, Dynamic Outcomes’ processes utilize these concepts to facilitate positive change and improve performance.




Changing Potential Into Performance